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Nov 26, 2021

Design requirements for rainproof and waterproof distribution boxes

A lot of people think outdoor waterproof window sealing is very important to have waterproof function firmly, it is no problem with sealing, but not actually.  Sealing design of high protection distribution box may not achieve waterproof effect.  Even if the waterproof effect is obtained, the overall operation of outdoor rain window may not be good. 

We know that when the switchboard is working, the parts inside will generate a certain amount of heat.  If the heat does not dissipate in time, the whole switchboard equipment will not work properly. So, how to achieve waterproof effect, so that the normal work of the distribution board?  

The outdoor rain box is almost as waterproof as the house we live in, but the Windows on the switch have slanted shutters from the inside out!  This design can not only effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of the equipment in the distribution box, but also such equipment has played a very good rain proof effect!  

Install rain proof Windows in outdoor rain boxes.  Otherwise, there may be infiltration during heavy rain.  There was a small hole in the bottom of the distribution box.  This is to ensure that in the event of water entering the distribution box, the equipment in the distribution box will not be damaged by moisture and can be discharged immediately.  

1. Safety: As the carrier of electrical equipment, the outdoor cabinet has excellent structure design, solid material and solid bottom. It must meet the requirements of strong typhoons, heavy rains and earthquakes.  The cabinet must be protected against electricity leakage, short circuit, and scratches.  

2) Heat dissipation: A large number of electrical appliances inside the outdoor enclosure generate heat during use. Outdoor ULTRAVIOLET radiation will cause the internal temperature of the enclosure to rise, and the normal operation of the machine will be affected if the temperature reaches a certain value.  Therefore, heat dissipation and temperature control are required inside the cabinet.  Heat dissipation has convection and non-convection two ways.  To cope with the low cabinet temperature and insufficient power supply, air is inhaled by fans on one side and discharged by fans on the other. In this way, air is convection inside the cabinet to dissipate heat for the cabinet.  

3) Rain and dustproof: Multi-level changes will occur in outdoor weather, and the geographical location of outdoor cabinets is also different.  If an outdoor cabinet cannot be protected from rain in the rainy south, the rain inside the cabinet may cause short circuit, causing great losses to the equipment. Therefore, outdoor cabinets need to be equipped with high rain protection capability. However, in the dry areas in the western part of north China, there is a lot of dust.  

4. Corrosion resistance: Outdoor cabinets must be installed outdoors. Compared with indoor cabinets, they are prone to rust and corrosion because they are kept in a humid environment for a long time.  Therefore, the surface treatment of cabinets is very important.  The coating thickness of ordinary outdoor cabinets must be above 80um.  

5) Anti-theft) The electrical equipment inside outdoor cabinets is very expensive, but outdoor cabinets are mainly placed in no man's land, so there are anti-theft requirements for outdoor cabinets.  


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